On January 28, the first webinar of 2021 on compensation organized by AIDA Belgium was held, thanks to Inge verbruggen. The Italian deep apnea champion Federico Mana had agreed to lend a hand to AIDA Belgium and to offer his teaching methods to those concerned. From 7 p.m., 50 passionate freedivers gathered on Zoom to attend the webinar.

After enthusiastic presentations, Federico looked at the specifics of compensation, the differences between Valsalva and Frenzel, mouthfill, and advanced techniques such as reverse packing by individually answering all participants’ questions while giving them individual advice in view of their online demonstrations.

AIDA belgium warmly thanks Inge and Fédérico for their initiative. We will be sure to bring you new adventures and surprises in the coming months!

Thank you for your participation, your enthusiasm, and see you soon!

Author: Marie-Lorraine Weiss