Some of our Belgian members have shown themselves very deserving this year, about which we could not resist writing a word.

After breaking an STA record, that stood for more than ten years, she managed to raise the bar a little higher.
Mylene Hengen, who currently lives in Greece, broke Matagne’s record by 12 seconds at the OneBreath event in January.
In June she unexpectedly took that record (of 05:47) to a new level of 06:31 at the 28th AIDA World Championship, in Burgas. A newcomer to AIDA Belgium, we will undoubtedly hear about again.

Marine Simonis, who we know from her participation in the AIDA WC2021, in Cyprus, in turn broke the record in CNF with -65m during the legendary Vertical Blue.
Earlier that week, she broke her own record, set at last year’s NAC, with 3m. She set no less than two national records, one in CWT to -65m and a second in CNF with -61m.
With this she beats Inge Verbruggen by 4m.

Our compatriot, Sacha Porte, set a CWTB of -82m at the Freediving World CUP Mini Competition in May of this year.
With this he improved the record of Gauthier Ghislain by 2m.
By the way, Sacha became a double national record holder, in Sharm El Sheikh, when he broke his previous record in CWT with -92m and -97m respectively (-78m CWT, RedCCup, 2018).

Nice numbers that will undoubtedly have an important influence on the upcoming national team selection.
From the national we would like to congratulate these people with their achievements!!