Why become a member of AIDA Belgium?
– an internationally recognized federation and certification

– participate actively in the development of apnea through the international AIDA assembly
– possibility to follow courses at different levels: AIDA *, AIDA **, AIDA ***, AIDA ****, instructor or judge
– access to training in swimming pools and open water (lakes, quarries) and internships organized by AIDA Belgium
– access to national and international competitions in swimming pools and open water organized by AIDA Belgium or AIDA International

How to become a member of AIDA Belgium?
You have two options:
– you do not yet have a diving insurance policy: AIDA Belgium offers you diving insurance with Ethias at a favorable group rate: you pay € 30 membership fee for AIDA Belgium and € 30 for insurance with Ethias = € 60 per year. You can find the Ethias insurance policy here.
– you already have a DAN insurance policy: you only pay € 30 membership fee per year for AIDA Belgium, you must then send us proof of your DAN insurance policy. You can find more information about DAN here.

Important comments:
– as an AIDA member you are required to have a diving insurance policy
– AIDA Belgium only recognizes Ethias and DAN as diving insurance
– a contribution is always for the current year, unless it was concluded after 1 October, then it is also valid for the following year
In addition to membership and diving insurance, an annual medical examination is mandatory. For this you must use the AIDA Medical Statement which you can find here. The form must be signed and stamped by a doctor, preferably a diving or sports doctor. You keep the original yourself, you send us a copy. ATTENTION! If you wish to participate in competitions, you must always be in possession of an original valid English-language form.

– Members in order for the year 2020 will also automatically obtain the membership for 2021. They must send proof of insurance and medical examination or pay 30 € for Ethias.

We also recommend that you take an effort test every few years (every 5 years to 45 years, every 2 years from 45 to 55 years, every year for more than 55 years). However, this is not mandatory.

What steps do I take to become a member?
– you transfer the amount of € 30 (DAN) or € 60 (Ethias) online or via account number IBAN BE44 7765 9662 2445 of AIDA Belgique ASBL with the mention of your name, your license and the mention “membership + year”
– you send an email to [email protected] with a copy of your medical certificate and your diving insurance (if DAN). If you become a member for the first time, you also send a scan of a passport photo in the format JPG 300 dpi (3.6 cm x 2.85 cm), this photo will appear on your membership card
– in order to reduce plastic, your electronic membership card will be emailed to you

For all additional questions regarding membership, you can always contact [email protected].

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