Barely five months after the previous cup, AIDA Belgium is once again pleased to announce a national record.
This time from our fellow patriot, Diter Braet.
After previously setting a performance of 212m60 in DYN MONO at the final cup in France and setting a record to his name, he does the same stunt at AIDA with a well-deserved 200m in DYN.
With this he pulverized the previous record with 14m.

39 starts were registered on the eve of the competition.
Bas Mensonides and Roeland Maes were the first two to take the lead in DNF. Only Roeland did better with 125m.
As if this wasn’t enough, our northern neighbors were also pleased to return home with nice prizes. They owe this to the self-assured Jurgen Reinderink, who beat his compatriot Danny Matherus with 17m more in DYNB cutting off the pass and resurfacing at 164m. And this with a delay of 4 seconds only, winky winky 😉
Joost Rothweiler and Kars Van Kouwen also finished second and third in DNF with 119m and DYN 108m.

Well Fil, where are the ladies?
Unjustly I almost lost sight of our two newcomers Oksana Grushetska and Annelies Freling, who were not bad at all. Annelies stood her ground in DNF with 68m and 86m in DYNB.
Under Alexandre’s argus eye, Oksana took first place in DYNB with 108m. Alexandre Bousseau became second in DYN with 126m.

For the sake of completeness, we close this charter with Morgan Gregoire, who once again showed his strongest side with 112m in DNF, but took second place in DYNB with 155m, right in front of Roeland (153m).

We wouldn’t mention if it could be done without them, I would like to thank all competitors and staff members:
Safety divers: Koen and Paul
Oxygen providers: Luc and Stefan
Judges: Marylda and Wouter
Logistics: Christos, Sander, Diter, Eddy and Thomas

Our sponsors:
Blue sensation

One person we would like to pay extra attention is François de Ribaucourt, because of his job we can reminisce
of the beautiful moments above and underwater, during the AIDA Belgian Cup 2023.
Below you will find his photo gallery and post them freely!
The only thing we kindly ask is, when you use the photos, to mention the name of the photographer, thanks 😉
Link: AIDA Belgium Cup 2023
Writting a credit is done like this: “Shot by: @name” or “Picture by @name.” or “Photo by [name with their website hyperlinked]”
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Facebook/ Linkedin: François de Ribaucourt/ Instagram: @frans_derib

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