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Learn more on judging freediving competitions and all about competitive freediving rules and procedures.
This course is not only for individuals who want to become judge but is also for very beneficial for athletes who want to improve their knowledge of the AIDA competition regulations.

Are you 18 years of age or older?
Have you completed the AIDA2 Freediver course?
Are you a member of a AIDA National?

Then this course is something for you!

Minimum days: 2

This course provides the knowledge and skills for planning and organisation of AIDA competitions, safety, problems and risks during practical sessions teach set-ups for competition line measurement and coding, safety procedures and a refresh on latest rescue techniques.

Students learn to act as a judge in the training scenarios or in actual competition.

By successfully passing this course the candidates gain the status of AIDA Judge level E or E-pool.
This level allows judging at national competitions and at international competitions under the supervision of a more experienced judge.

Instructor: Kimmo Lahtinen