Want to join our staff of safety divers? Let us know by sending us a simple request to [email protected]
Learn more on freediving competitions safety procedures and all about competitive freediving rules.

Are you 18 years of age or older?
Have you completed the AIDA2 Freediver course or equivalent for the AIDA Pool Competition Safety Freediver Course?
Have you completed the AIDA3 Freediver course or equivalent for the AIDA Competition Deep Safety Freediver course?

Then this course is something for you!

Minimum water sessions: 4 or 2

There is a choice: to complete full course – the course then will take minimum 4 water sessions within at least two days, or to only one part – Pool Safety or Deep Safety.
In that case the course can be shortened to at the minimum of 2 sessions within one day.
The purpose of the AIDA Competition Safety Freediver courses is to familiarise freedivers with the safety procedures and rules in place during an AIDA competition.
Students will develop their knowledge and skills so they can be used as a Safety Freediver during AIDA competitions.

Instructor: Kimmo Lahtinen