(**) : records in No Limit are no longer recognized by Aida International, however the history of records is maintained
(*) : Regarding the performance of Patrick Musimu of 209 meters in No Limit :

Due to Patrick’s will, this extraordinary performance has not been formalized as a world record.
Regarding the recognition of AIDA world records, read the comment of 13/11/05 by Bill Stromberg, President AIDA International:

1) When setting an AIDA World Record, the athlete is required to register the attempt with AIDA 6 weeks before the attempt day. AIDA will then appoint two International Judges to be present at the attempt in order to check and verify that the attempt is made according to AIDA rules and that the athlete follows the correct procedures for submitting an anti-doping test after the attempt.(see point 6)

2) When an athlete announces a record attempt, he/she also announces a specific date on which the attempt will be made. Any dives made on other days would not be recognised as records, only as training dives.

3) No Limits is one of two “touch down” disciplines within AIDA. These means that there has to be a good video of the entire attempt. This must be shot to clearly show the athlete on the sled for the whole dive as he/she descends and to show the sled as it touches down on the bottom plate. This video must be filmed without interruption.

4) A second video is required. This must be shot from the surface from at least 4 minutes before the dive until 3 minutes after the athlete surfaces. The athlete must be clearly visible in sharp focus for the whole time he/she is on the surface. This video must also be filmed without interruption.

5) AIDA Judges verify the depth of the dive by measuring the length of the descent line. AIDA International does NOT accept the reading from a dive computer as verification of depth. Dive computers are only used by AIDA to give an estimate of the dive profile.

6) AIDA International follows the anti-doping policy of WADA (the World Anti Doping Agency). This means that AIDA athletes are prohibited from using any agents present on the WADA list of banned substances.

And in this case it could be good to repeat one of the fundamental rules when it comes to the selection of the judges for a record attempt: The judge may not be any of the following: -same nationality or club as freediver, -coach, manager, family member or girlfriend/boyfriend of freediver. There must not be any conflict of interest i.e. no close friends or adversaries, no business partners, no sponsors and no media.

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