Dear members,

yesterday we were able to close the general meeting with
constructive ideas, thanks to the members and board members present.
The points discussed here:

– review of the 2020 financial year
– election of new board members
– reflection on the past year:
– AIDA Belgium is greatful for Sandra Gottcheiner, Marc Verstappen and Jean Ploumhans
their representation during the Riga Freediving Cup and the delivery of 3 national records,
and taking 1st place for best team performance in STA and CNF. Congratulations!
– launch of the eShop
– presentation of the FAQ page
– version of medical certificate has been updated on our website

AIDA Belgium presented the realized projects 2021, such as:
– equalization webinar by Federico Mana
– creation of a FAQ page
– contribution of AIDA Belgium to the elaborations of:
Qualification of event medics and judges;
Contraindications within freediving;
FEMR course together with the medical & science committee
– communicating COVID periodic recommendations to the members
– development of an online shop
– provision of facial masks for our members
– revision of depth limitations version 2013
– Reviewing and finalize the RIO (ROI)
– Creation of a new sign board “Free the line”

– § 4 of art. 7 regarding trial members, did not make the 1st vote and will be discussed
– the depth limitations will be further elaborated
– the board is working on a new banner / sign for safety in depth training
– placing outdoor activities like Lessines on our calendar + link to mailinglist

Furthermore, our focus goes among other things, to:
– publish new internal regulations
– step by step resuming outdoor activities
– organizing the ‘Philippe Desitter Memorial’ when possible
– developement of the WC Individual selections

For the board,

Filip West