Dear Members,

it has been 3 weeks since our last communication and a lot has changed since. As of July 1th contact sports are allowed again, provided that they’re practiced responsibly and avoiding any unnecessary risks. As an association dedicated to a healthy practice of freediving, we would like to provide guidelines we highly recommend following to resume practicing our sport in a safe and responsible manner.

First of all it is important to keep yourself informed and strictly adhere to the latest safety recommendations from national, regional and local governing bodies, including diving venues. These include physical distancing, avoiding indoor crowded spaces without wearing a mask and following the bubble guidelines when organizing activities, whether indoor or outdoor.

If you experienced any symptoms related to Covid-19, don’t return to the water without a proper medical examination. Although knowledge on Covid-19 is still developing, the disease is known to possibly have long-lasting effects on the respiratory and other organ systems. Let’s insist on this : if you had any of symptoms described for COVID-19 those last months it should be excluded to go back at depth without a fresh and informed medical advice.

As swimming pools are to reopen from July 1th, follow the local rules and guidelines and adapt your practice accordingly. As most of us haven’t been in the water for a long time, build up your training gently and initially focus on relaxation, breathing and aquacity rather than trying to attain performances of a few months ago or personal bests.

The same prudence should be observed for depth training. As with any return to depth after a long period of inactivity, it is important to progress very carefully. Slow readaptation is highly recommended as is any avoidance of stressful techniques, such as FRC or packing. Again, try focusing on the pleasure of being back in the water and readaptation to the aquatic environment, rather than performance oriented dives or personal bests.

Before going back to the water, as we are already at the halve of the year, please check that your insurance is still active !

Dive safe and stay safe!

With kind regards,

The Aida Belgium Board