Dear members,

hope all is well with you and you are in good health.

As promised we come back to you with the latest status regarding freediving in these exceptional times.

While we are aware of the opening of different open water dive sites and the decisions taken by the main diving federations, we still strongly advise against the practice of freediving as it is envisioned by AIDA.

In our opinion, given the nature of our sport, two of the main recommendations of our government to limit the spread of the virus, namely
– to keep a sufficient distance (1.5 meters) when you are outside, and
– to limit your physical contact
are not reasonably applicable when practicing freediving following the safety rules we teach and encourage to apply.

Therefore and until further notice Aida Belgium maintains its position to strongly advise against any form of freediving at this time.

While we understand and share the urge to get back into the water, the safety and health of our members must be our primary concern.

We will keep you informed as soon as we have more information, until then stay safe!

With kind regards,

The Aida Belgium Board