Thanks to this ambient audience, a good logistic support, great judges and safety divers, the memorial Philippe Desitter became a succesful event… made in Belgium!

To all competitors, judges, safety divers and staff members, many thanks for your presence and the input of some to help achieve this special event. This one is for you, Phil 😉

We do not forget our sponsors FreeXperience Meister Diving and Blue Sensation putting them in the spotlight for their efforts and great prices 🙂

Also thanks to diving schools Dukduvels and OK-Duikschool Zottegem for the logistic support. Footage from our underwater photographer will be released soon here on the AIDA Belgium website and Facebook page. Credits to Bart Holvoet 😉

Special credits to Coralie Desitter for the outstanding design of the medals, your dad would have been very proud ❤️

We did it again!

AIDA International result link: