This weekend the project around the pontoon that served for almost eight years in Esneux (la Gombe) was finally completed. After we moved the 42 pieces with a major remorque in June, it is now available in Lessines.
It took almost 20 hours in total to work on it. Thanks to some willing volunteers, we were able to put an end to the final phase on Saturday afternoon.
For those wondering how big the pontoon is: 2.5 by 2m internal dimensions.
However, the setup is still in the testing phase before we know exactly how we want it to function in the future. I can already feel the breath of some people, but adjustments to the pontoon may not be ruled out. Thomas, Eddy and Cedric were the first to test it. Thank you guys, without you this wouldn’t be possible! Also thanks to the people of EPSM, Marc and Olivier, for the logistical support!

— Filip West