Dear members,

Unfortunately the COVID-19 outbreak is again wreaking havoc or on the verge of doing so in our emergency services and straining our medical staff in Belgium.

As you certainly heard our different governments and authorities were forced to restrict several activities in order to decrease the transmission of the virus and try to avoid a disruption of our health system and by extension our economy.

While we certainly were hoping for a better situation, we have to acknowledge that we are back to a situation where, as a sport association we are asking you to put your freediving activities on hold. Not only swimming pools are closing but we feel important to remind our membres that as we imperatively have to keep a sufficient distance (1.5 meters), and limit our physical contact, we recommend to not freedive as long as this situation endure.

Not all diving sites are closed yet, but we still would like to recommend to abstain to freedive:  as reminder, the main driver of our opinion is the correct application of the safety protocols we all teach and apply in all our freediving activities.

Our recommendations are discussed in-between the voluntary and effective members and communicated to our members, ultimately, the individual practicing its activities is responsible for his safety and the risks he imposes on society.

So given the present situation and until further notice Aida Belgium comes back to its position of the last spring  and to strongly advise against any form of freediving at this time. When there will be updates regarding swimming pools and contact sports we will of course asses our recommendations and update them accordingly, until then stay safe and let’s all take our share in the control of this epidemic !

With kind regards,

The Aida Belgium Board