Dear members,

as you all know, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Belgian government has put in place strict measures regarding non-essential travel and social distancing. Therefore AIDA Belgium has decided to cancel or postpone all its activities, including education, excursions, meetings and others and this until the government deems these kind of activities safe again.

We would like to remind you that in light of these measures, AIDA Belgium strongly advises against all freediving activities, whether in pools or open water and in Belgium or abroad. First of all these activities are incompatible with the rules of non-essential travel and social distancing. Secondly, as freediving is never without risk, a possible diving incident may put an extra stress on already overloaded emergency services and create unnecessary risks to both the diver and others. Finally medical or travel insurance may not provide cover in case of an incident occuring while not respecting governemental rules and regulations.

We like to remind you that all official information concerning Covid-19 can be found on

Stay home and stay safe!

The AIDA Belgium Board