It has been since 2019 that Belgium was represented during the AIDA championships.
In ten days, our country will participate again in the individual ranking in Cyprus, thanks to two brave ladies.

As you will remember, Linde Muyshondt was awarded a white card for her incredible performance at the AIDA Calm Zone Classic in Kalamata, followed by a dive in CWT to -52m at WC2019 in Nice.

Marine Simonis broke the record in CNF with -41m at the Nice Abyss Contest the same year.

The Belgian duo will be joined by Jeroen Van Haudt, Chief Medic of the WC and a member of the Medical & Science Committee.
From the board, we wish them all the best, that the ladies may return with a medal and maybe with another new record.

Notable absentee for the selections this year is Inge Verbruggen.
The Belgian recordholder announced her attempt in VWT, of which the national record was already in her name.
Putting her words into action, she left for Sharm early August, were she was supported by the capable hands of Andrea Zuccari himself in her attempt to become Belgium’s deepest woman ever.
On day 1 she descended to a depth of -75m, but appeared moderately satisfied, she decides to secure her position one day later with a new record to -80m.
After reviewing the videos, AIDA Belgium decided to follow judges Rylov and Chamas in their judgment.
Thumbs up for Inge!

Filip West